RAW: Word and image / Opening RECEPTION NOV 20TH 7-10PM @ SPACE776


NOV 20TH 7-10PM

Space 776


NOV14 - DEC 7, 2015




Word and Image

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Paintings can be composed of boundless raw

materials, including food for thought, considerations of the flesh, and examination of

the physical locus of our being. Protein, carbohydrates, and encouragement are

what keep us going. Maps, phrases, and daily sustenance support and nourish our

daily existence.  A random bullet can stop us dead and end everything in a second.

Paintings by Kate Ryan study meat: slain, drawn, and quartered chickens, entrails

and parts. Paintings of daily bread by artist Riccardo Vecchio, Michetta, form a series

of quietly intriguing unique observations.  Word paintings by William Hempel,

including the Insults, painted with food-grade oils like poppy, linseed, and olive oil,

and the “Right Place at the Wrong Time,” series of paintings, made with a series of

physical constraints, remind us of the constant need for reassurance and

encouragement in our daily existence. Christopher Smith’s Underbody takes the

simple movement of paint and transforms it into a sensual meditation on perceived

reality. Piers Secunda collects bullet holes from actual sites of targeted violence, and

then molds them in paint, quietly asking big questions with small pieces of evidence

taken from random and pointless acts of aggression.

With perception, humor, and visual acuity, these artists convey a sense of daily

poetic transcendence over the quotidian lot of humanity.

Featuring paintings and video by William Hempel, Kate Ryan, Piers Secunda,

Christopher Smith, Riccardo Vecchio

Curated by Lisa A. Banner


229 Central Avenue, Brooklyn 11221